Our Story

Starting out as a hobby over 10 years ago, the love for figurine modelling, painting and graphic arts had extended to the cake kind.
A Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Painter at heart is why your cake will have that refined finish and artist's eye for composition and colour.
All sugarcraft is made to order, where precise replication of your favorite characters, objects and themes will be created with the finest of details..
Specialising in fondant icing covered cakes, fondant icing and polymer figurines, be sure to express your ideas and discuss what you have in mind for your cake creation.



The Jazzy Cake difference: It's all about proportion!

Why do our characters and figurines look so right?
It is all in the proportion and spacing of their features. This is extremely important when you are trying to re- create popular characters.

Get the spacing incorrect between Thomas's eyes...and Thomas just doesn't quite look like Thomas any more!
With our level of experience in fondant modelling you will be guaranteed a fantastic looking cake that's yummy too!


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